Jewel Quest Solitaire II

Jewel Quest Solitaire II

A journey from marketplaces to museums where mystery waits around every corner
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Jewel Quest Solitaire II:
The ultimate card-matching, jewel-swapping adventure is back!
* 114 All-New Layouts
* Vibrant African Setting
* New Jewels, Coins and Special Moves
* Original Story

The ultimate card-matching, jewel-swapping adventure is back! Emma's husband Rupert, the hero of Jewel Quest, has gone missing in the wilds of Africa. Complete exciting solitaire layouts and match jewels in 114 all-new layouts to help Emma track down her missing husband! A thrilling journey from marketplaces to museums where mystery and intrigue wait around every corner, Jewel Quest Solitaire II is an exciting combination of solitaire and puzzle fun! Embark on this brain-bending adventure today!This game is the second installment from the Jewel Quest Solitaire collection. The storyline revolves around the same characters as in the previous installment. Your objective is to help Emma, the main character, find her missing husband in Africa by completing various challenges.

You can create as many player profiles as you like, toggle fullscreen or windowed mode, and adjust sound effects and music volumes according to your needs. The only option missing is the ability to change the style of the mouse cursor (it's a bit too large and might bother you while completing challenges).

The graphics look nice but I don't like the cinematics. They seem tacky comparing to the main menu and gameplay artworks.

I played the first couple of levels. The app offered me plenty of useful instructions and a Hint option, so it wasn't too difficult to complete the challenges. A good aspect is that the app automatically saves your gameplay progress each time you finish a mission. Also, you can replay level if you want to.

Your goal is to match identical cards until the board is left empty. The less card moves you make and the quicker you complete your goals, the higher your final score gets.

All in all, Jewel Quest Solitaire II offers you plenty of hours of entertaining gameplay and has an affordable price. So, you should give it a try if you're into playing this type of games on your spare time.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Provides you with plenty of useful instructions
  • Automatically saves your progress
  • Brings you plenty of challenges
  • Lets you create multiple player profiles


  • Unable to change mouse cursor style
  • Poor quality cinematics
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